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    And Jesus said unto them, I am the bread of life: ...John 6:35


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Bread of Life Baptist Mission Fellowship

The Bread of Life Baptist Mission is an out come of Baptist doctrines, a manifestation of a long-felt desire on the part of Missionary Billy Bridges and some other people with the same burden, to conform their foreign mission methods and work to New Testament principles and Apostolic examples; for it is painfully evident that without some change, Baptists can never expect to do much toward the evangelizing of the world.  Through a devout return to the inspired standard of faith and practice, the Bread of Life Baptist Mission hopes to sooner or later, secure the hearty co-operation of many Churches and thereby increase the number and spiritual force of our missionaries to the perishing millions of the earth.

Our purpose in going forth is to preach the gospel according to the command of Christ as given in the Great Commission.  When the gospel is preached and people are saved, we then seek to baptize these converts and organize local indigenous Baptist Churches.  We desire with all our hearts to adhere to this commission, to preach the gospel of Christ as the power of God unto salvation to everyone that believeth.   We shall do this relying on the Holy Spirit to accompany our message to the glory of God the Father.

As preaching consists, not simply in proclaiming Christ to crowds and congregations, but also in speaking of Him to individuals and families from house to house, and teaching disciples to obey His commands, there is an abundance of work for the missionaries to do.  We know that the Bread of Life Baptist Mission will meet with strenuous opposition from the Devil.  Yet we believe that through our faithful labors God will in His own good time, raise up for Himself, regenerated, spiritual churches in this country, and from their membership call forth a supply of devoted Christians to carry out our Lord's commands.

We believe that the Church, and the Church alone, is Christ's organization for the evangelizing of the world: and that the Holy Ghost says to many of them, "separate me a Paul and a Barnabas to the work whereunto I have called them."  We believe also, that the cooperation of the Churches with each other in Christian work is in accord with Apostolic teaching, and with the practice in the New Testament times.  So should it be in all ages.  As foreign fields are generally distant, and the expenses of the evangelizing great even with the strictest economy, two or more churches, according to circumstances, can readily cooperate in sending and sustaining a Missionary on any field.  Thus each Church becomes, according to its own action and ability, responsible as a body to the Missionary for a part of his support, and he to each of them for the faithful execution of this trust.  Thus every Church, great or small may become actively engaged in evangelizing the world, greatly to its own growth in grace.  The Church of God is the pillar and ground of the truth, and of all bodies on earth is best qualified to select and look after the character of its own Pastor and Missionary.

For to the Church is promised the guidance of the Holy Spirit, a qualification which cannot be predicated of any other body whatever.  When such intimate relation of sacred and mutual responsibility is once established between a devoted Church and a consecrated Missionary, then the Spirit of the blessed Master will flow through all the members like a sap through the branches of the vine, and will yield fruit to the glory of God.  Then earnest prayers and cheerful contributions will be made by the Church, and cheerful, self-denying service will be rendered by the Missionary, a condition of things greatly needed in these days.

The support of the Bread of Life Baptist Mission is, according to our principles, to be a free gift from God's people, contributed through their several Churches, and subject to the direct control of these Churches.  The work of missions being thus brought back to scriptural simplicity.  It is hoped that a new era will begin that henceforth the happy communication between the Missionary and the Churches spoken of in Philippians 4:15 will prevail.  Then supporting a self-denying Missionary by a Church or group of spiritual minded Churches, as a Messenger of Christ's dying love for the souls of men, will become not only a pleasure, but a real grace to both Pastor and People.

The Bread of Life Baptist Mission Fellowship is a non-profit religious organization duly chartered and incorporated.

*** Special Note ***

With the death of Founding Director, Brother Billy Bridges, Brother Mike Tice of Silsbee, Texas has been appointed Director of the Bread of Life Baptist Mission Fellowship.


Statement of Faith:

bulletWe believe the Bible to be the verbally inspired Word of God--without error.
bulletWe believe in the one Triune God--the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
bulletWe believe Jesus Christ our Lord to be the only begotten, virgin-born Son of God, He lived, a sinless life, died a vicarious death and rose again from the dead the third day.
bulletWe believe in the Holy Spirit and that He indwells the life of every believer.
bulletWe believe that the Holy Spirit with the Word of God convicts men of their sin and convinces them of their lost and condemned condition.
bulletWe believe that all men are lost without Jesus Christ and cannot be saved apart from Jesus Christ.
bulletWe believe salvation to be all of grace and none of works.
bulletWe believe people are saved by being "born again" into the Kingdom of God, thus by repentance of sin and faith toward God.
bulletWe believe in the eternal security of the believer in Christ.
bulletWe believe in the existence of Satan--the Devil--and that he is our enemy, but his end is the lake of fire.
bulletWe believe in the imminent personal, visible, pre-millennial return of our Lord Jesus Christ to this earth.
bulletWe believe in the eternal punishment of the wicked in a burning Hell and the eternal bliss, happiness and joy of the saints in a real place the Bible calls Heaven.
bulletWe believe that Christians should live a separated life from the world.
bulletWe oppose modernism and liberalism.  We do not belong to the National Council of Churches.
bulletWe believe in the local church.  We believe in the autonomy and independence of the local church.
bulletWe believe the ordinances given to the local church are two--baptism and the Lord's Supper--that baptism is by immersion of believers and that the Lord's Supper is a memorial to his shed blood and broken body, showing forth His death until He comes.


The Bread of Life Baptist Mission, Inc. is chartered as a non-profit organization with a chartered date of April 28,1970.  The original Board of Directors consisted of eight Baptist men; five of them Baptist Ministers.  The Director of the Mission since its beginning has been Missionary Billy Bridges of Silsbee, Texas.  We have changed our organization somewhat, to the effect that we now have a planning committee of six to ten men who meets with its director from time to time to plan the work of the Mission.  We now consider every Baptist Pastor who supports the work of the Mission, a member of the Mission and he can vote at our annual meetings.  This gives all the supporting Pastors a voice in the work of the Mission.  The plans of the Planning Committee are subject to the approval of this body of Pastors at the Annual Meeting.

Later it was decided to make changes in the Mission Name, where the Inc. was replaced with Fellowship, thus becoming The Bread of Life Baptist Mission Fellowship.


The Bread of Life Baptist Mission Fellowship is independent of any other organization and self-governed (stated in Article XI in our charter).  We are Baptist and are supported by Baptist Churches and we establish Baptist Churches.


We are supported by free-will offerings from Baptist Churches and individuals who feel that they would like to have a part in the work of the Mission.  All Missionaries of the Bread of Life Baptist Mission Fellowship are supported by the Churches and are not paid a salary by the Bread of Life Baptist Mission.

We would like all support for our Missionaries to be sent through our home office located in Silsbee, Texas.  The mailing address is, P. O. Box 2035, Silsbee, Texas 77656-2035; but this is up to the Church.  No money is kept out of the Missionaries' love gifts for the home office.  The Missionary receives the entire amount that you send him.   We cover the expenses of the paper work in keeping the records and in the cost of forwarding the funds to the Missionary; therefore, designate in your letter and make the check payable to Bread of Life Baptist Mission.  We will send your Church a receipt. (Please be sure to designate your gifts to the Missionaries or Projects you want to receive it).



We accept Missionaries only by application and by approval of the Board of Directors at the Annual Meeting.  We do not send out missionaries, but they are sent out from a local Baptist Church.  This we believe to be New Testament.

We require that our Missionaries be doctrinally sound and morally clean, Living separated lives according to the Scripture. We also expect our Missionaries to continue to be sound doctrinally and clean morally; and in the event they should not remain so, they will be dismissed from the Mission and their supporting Churches will be notified.

We need more Missionaries. Please pray with us that the Lord of the Harvest will send forth laborers of His choosing as we want only those whom our Lord would send to the fields of the world.



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